The origin of Rocacorba Foodtruck


When we announced  that we wanted  to open  a foodtruck on Rocacorba, people told us: you’re crazy! This will not work!


But finally …


Rocacorba Food Truck was born  in June 2017 to serve the sportsmen who frequent this mythical Girona mountain. Located just 18km from Girona and with a height of 992 meters above sea level, they make this mountain a pole of attraction for a number of professional cyclists and amateurs, who come  to prove their level of form in these 13km of hard climb


Rocacorba Food Truck is the meeting point for the weekend of all cyclists, who come to enjoy these magnificent routes around Girona, Banyoles and Olot.


Rocacorba Clothing is more than just a sportswear brand. It’s the bikers brand  in Girona, it’s the “Mountain”


“The best view comes after the hardest climb”


From the top of Rocacorba, you can see magnificent views of the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees.


Come and discover it!


Rocacorba awaits you!

Rocacorba Foodtruck