Rocacorba Clothing – The Origin

Born in the hills of Rocacorba, near Girona, Rocacorba Clothing creates cycling and casual apparel inspired by the routes and climbs of Girona. Blending technical innovation, cutting edge fabrics and a dose of catalan style, our range reflects the roads we ride. All our production is made in Girona. Designed in Rocacorba.

Our spiritual home is next to the Port of Rocacorba, where Maties, the owner of Rocacorba lives in old farmhouse built in the year of 1768.

In June 2017, he had the crazy idea of ​​putting a foodtruck on top of Rocacorba, to serve coffee, craft beer or burgers to all cyclists crowning this mythical mountain. @rocacorbafoodtruck

Two years later, we open Rocacorba Cafè Girona that mixes clothing, coffee and local food, for those who need them. It’s the perfect place pre or post ride, to plan a route, take a break or simply shoot the breeze with like minded riders. @rocacorbacafegirona

Rocacorba is not just a name, it is a way of life. For sharing beautiful moments with friends so that they become perfect. For never losing your curiosity about life. For the fact that it doesn’t take much to experience something special – just a little courage to leave familiar ways and to try new things. For this Rocacorba feeling stands an experience that still shapes us today. That’s how it all started …

Rocacorba is located 20 kilometers from Girona on a gravel track, while the most known ascent is by road from Banyoles, with a distance of about 40km to Girona.

Rocacorba, translated from Catalan means “curved rock”. In this rock a sanctuary dating from 1065 rests, giving its name to the mountain. For locals it is synonymous with difficulty, suffering and challenge. It is surely one of the hardest mountains to climb by cyclists in the surroundings of Girona. Not suitable for all audiences. From the top, you can enjoy incredible views, with the whole Costa Brava and the Pyrenees in the background.

When we established in 2017 to found the brand and give the company its own corporate philosophy, we were able to incorporate many of these findings directly. It was only logical to give the brand that name.