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About us

In 2014 by chance of life, my wife (Mercedes) and I (Maties) found a house in the middle of nature near the top of Rocacorba, one of the most famous cycling ports of Girona. Looking for tranquility and connection with nature we moved to live in this little house, escaping from the stress of the city.

Maties, a social worker by profession, worked in the public administration after finishing his studies. But he was not happy. Something was missing.


So in 2017 he decided to embark on the adventure of setting up a new project: Rocacorba Foodtruck and Rocacorba Clothing. He decided to quit his job and start this risky business concept: open a foodtruck at the top of Rocacorba and in parallel create a clothing brand with the same name.

He had always been passionate about cycling, as a kid he had competed in MTB in youth races. He had worked as a mechanic for several well-known brands. For years I had the dream of starting a clothing brand and that was when I saw the opportunity. That’s why I decided to start a cycling and accessories brand. That’s when a hidden talent I didn’t know I had began to flourish: a passion for design, colors and patterns.

Cycling Apparel

We know that crazy things sometimes work and other times they don’t. Luckily, our craziness has gone well and almost 5 years later we can dedicate ourselves to this and see a promising future.
Our family is growing with each passing day and more people are joining our community. Do you want to be next?

Made in girona

We offer you a wide range of products related to cycling, from jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, bags and accessories. We love design and we always try to surprise you. Our products are mainly made in Girona and Catalonia. With our products you will be elegant and comfortable at the same time, with surprising designs at a fair price. Our collections are Limited Editions, so if you like any garment buy it, because we will not replace it. As we do not sell to stores, our prices can be more adjusted and affordable for everyone.

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