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NEW COLLECTION SS20 – Rocacorba is our favorite climb. Where we were born. With a height of 992 meters and a distance of 12km, we find an elevation of about 800 meters. Above the antennas, you can enjoy some of the most incredible views you have ever seen. What are you waiting for? Made in Girona

Rocacorba Clothing is committed to the environment, we always work with 100% ecological fabrics. All the prints of the street clothes are made in Girona. The technical clothing is manufactured in Girona, following strict quality controls.
Rocacorba Clothing was born on top of Girona’s most famous cycling port, ROCACORBA, thanks to a food truck that served coffee to cyclists. All designs are own and exclusive. Thank you for your trust.


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Clasificación Nombre Tiempo
1 James Knox 27:13
2 Remmert Wielinga 27:58
3 Simon Y. 28:03
4 Paddy Bevin 28:18
5 Tejay van Garderen 28:33
6 Hors Categorie Cycling Club 28:59
7 Giles D. 29:03
8 Mike Woods 29:05
9 Adrià Moreno 29:11
10 Freddy Ovett 29:16

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