In Rocacorba we bet for local products, we love craft beer, that’s why we made our own beer!

You can already savor our Rocacorba craft beer, a gentle and easy-to-drink Lager, suitable for all palates!

Made in Girona.

Available at Rocacorba Foodtruck, Vallter Foodtruck and authorized distributors!


A Rocacorba apostem per productes locals, ens agrada la cervesa artesana, per això hem fet la nostra pròpia cervesa!

Ja podeu saborejar la nostre cervesa artesana Rocacorba, una Lager suau i fàcil de beure, apte per tots els paladars!

Feta a Girona.

Disponible a Rocacorba Foodtruck, Vallter Foodtruck i distribuïdors autoritzats!